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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

Well, here’s an interesting little anime. An addictive 13 episodes, it’s easy to blitz through in one evening. Despite the whimsical lede of a title, Is it Wrong…? does not actually involve all that much dungeon crawling for the sake of meeting chicks. Instead, it follows the adventures of one Bell Cranel, favored of Hestia (an impressive classical reference, that), whose crush on a much more experienced dungeon crawler leaves him blind to the fact that he’s dropping the panties of everyone around him — including, ironically enough, Hestia’s.

Perhaps the most traditional subversion of the harem comedy genre — the oblivious harem head.

But what makes this anime so enjoyable is that it’s so much fun. Bell Cranel is essentially our Final Fantasy or Skyrim characters turned into an anime, somebody who sucks donkeyballs at the beginning of the first episode (when the aforesaid dungeon crawler saves his ass and he falls hard for her). And after that, he turns into a determinator, whose skills and experience — along with a certain bit of divine favor — compound quickly. By the middle of the anime, he is the fastest person to ever reach Level 2, eclipsing the previous record-holder’s. And by the end, there’s a full-fledged WoW-style raid. Continue reading Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?


Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

2857Cute little short.

Puss in Boots–that is, the Shrek universe’s Puss in Boots–is at it again. Guards from a small monarchy (kingdom? duchy?) apprehend him out in the desert, but then instead of sending him off to the oubliette, the (princess? duchess?) hires him to track down the thief who stole her crown’s crown (heh) jewel, a heart-shaped ruby. To do so, however, he has to tame the “Three Diablos”.

And just who are these “Diablos”? Kittens.

What follows is a strictly formula cartoon-short plot about bonding and opening up and all those good things yaddi yadda yadda. After having the Diablos best him, Puss is able to get the better of them and tie them up again, before they have a campfire bonding session and the Diablos lead him to the jewel thief’s hideout.

The thief, Le Chucoteur (that is, a rather badly translated “The Whisperer”)–so named because he can’t do anything but whisper (geddit?) then nearly bests Puss before the Diablos ride to the rescue and Puss gets the jewel back, as well as redeeming the Diablos. Like I said, strictly formula.

The Puss in Boots’ series tradition of using vaguely-medieval-Spanish memes on a Western backdrop continues. Kids won’t readily recognize the dissonance, but it is jarring nevertheless.

3/5. Eh, it’s a cutesy short. Nothing to get worked up about. If you whinge about spoilers here you’re putting more effort into whinging than I did watching it. That said…would I watch it again? Sure.